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Sewing Book Bags

Book Bags

Book bags are at the heart of our programs!

Children feel so special when they can select their very own bag.

Once a bag is cut out, it only takes about 15 minutes to finish!

Sew on Your Schedule

You don't have to sign up to make tons of bags!

Consider making one a week or one a month or whatever you have the time to do.

Homemade bags are always in demand -- they are more popular than the printed ones!


The book bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Some popular sizes are

10" x 12",

 11" x 13",


12" x 14".

Every bag is cherished and appreciated!


It takes approximately 1/6 yard of fabric to make a book bag, not including the handle.

Some bags have handles with matching fabric, others have ribbons for handles.

If you would like to sew bags, we can provide you with fabric and ribbons.

Just send us a message at and let us know!

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