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Sewing Bags


Bags are at the heart of our programs!


​Children feel so special when they can select their very own bag.​ Once a bag is cut out, it only takes about 15 minutes to finish!

We estimate a need for about 10,000 volunteer-created bags this year.

Sew on your schedule!

Consider making one a week or one a month or whatever you have the time to do.​ Volunteer-made bags are always in demand and are much more popular than the mass-produced ones!

Send your finished bags to us at:
     PoWeR! Book Bags
     PO Box 533
     Suttons Ba
y, MI

Drop off your bags at our office:
     Millside Building
     101 Dame St.
     Suttons Bay, MI

Send your questions to

If you would like to sew bags, we can provide you with fabric and ribbons.

Just send us a message at and let us know!

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